Ivo Tavares' Lens Narrate the Portugal's Architectures
February 28, 2024

Ivo Tavares, a luminary in architectural photography, has seamlessly woven the beauty of Portugal's architectural landscape into captivating visual tales. With over a decade devoted to this craft, Tavares has not only captured the essence of promising young architects and the beauty of architecture in Portugal but has also bridged the gap between photography and architecture.

Ivo Tavares

Ivo Tavares 

Artistic Roots and Evolution

Influenced by his father's artistic endeavors, Ivo's journey commenced in the realm of arts during his high school years. Graduating from high school, he delved deeper into his passion by studying photography at the Portuguese Institute of Photography in Porto. His trajectory into architectural photography could have been more direct; he started as a photojournalist focusing on corporate and product photography. 

Over time, he felt that this was different from what he truly liked to do, and then he realized that combining two different areas, photography and architecture, was what he liked. Realizing his true calling lay in the fusion of photography and architecture, Ivo embarked on a continual growth and mastery journey.

Ivo Tavares Ivo Tavares 

Navigating Challenges and Paving the Way

Ivo's path to distinction was always challenging. He has been through many challenging situations since he decided to dive into the world of architectural photography. Rebuffed by architecture studios due to his non-architectural background, he faced skepticism about his abilities. Undeterred, he shifted gears, collaborating with builders and real estate developers, offering a unique perspective through real estate promotion photography.

Ivo Tavares

Pediatric Ward of Hospital São João by ARG Studio

After working in real estate promotion photography, he started to extend his work with many architects in Portugal. Over time, he proved that his vision of architecture could have some meaning, and he finally shattered preconceptions and showcased the meaningful interplay between architecture and his lens. From numerous photos he has taken, an indelible image made him realize that architecture was meant for people, not just photography. Through his journey, he can forge a deep understanding of the symbiosis between architecture and visual storytelling.

Ivo Tavares

Lavra House by Ricardo Azevedo Arquitecto

Crafting Architectural Narratives

Ivo's approach to capturing architectural wonders is unscripted. Avoiding extensive planning, Ivo never visits the site the day before taking the photographs and embraces spontaneity. He believes in embracing imperfections, asserting that "what you see is what you get." His three hallmarks—people, color, and lighting—imbue each photograph with depth, volume, and a compelling narrative, unraveling the story within every architectural project.

Ivo Tavares

Casa Costa Nova by Espaço Objecto

Personal Preferences and Professional Responsibility

While Ivo doesn't surround himself with specific interests in architectural photography, he gravitates towards visually rich projects with vibrant colors and contrast. Houses and Portuguese architecture hold a special place in his lens. He also doesn't have any ideology in architectural photography but ensures that every photograph he has taken can mirror the work of the architects. He underscores why photographers should be chosen not because they are known or because of their price, but because of the architect's identification with the language of the project. He also adds that the ability of architectural photographers to tell the story behind every project is the responsibility to take. 

Prazeres 37 House by Fragmentos

Each photograph becomes a nuanced story through his lens, unraveling the layers of architectural brilliance in Portugal. His dedication to authenticity and storytelling has etched his name among the revered architects of visual narratives.

Ivo Tavares

Casa de Bouro by Mutant Architecture & Design 


All images provided by Ivo Tavares 

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