The Upside-down Podium of King Lam Street
April 19, 2024
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Near the busy Street in Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong, the upside-down podium of King Lam Street Commercial attracts many passersby with its unique shape. This ongoing project is designed by Collective Studio which successfully turned the King Lam Street Commercial’s ground level into an interesting space to visit.

King Lam Street_COLLECTIVE Studio King Lam Street Comercial Development 

King Lam Street Commercial development

COLLECTIVE Studio adds a unique upside-down podium connecting the Twin towers 

The upside-down podium is constructed between the twin towers of King Lam Street Commercial. The building consists of three levels of retail and F&B outlets with two main office lobbies. These two lobbies are the entrance to the Twin Towers, the auditorium, and an expansive outdoor plaza. At the expansive plaza, there is a green landscape standing from the second floor to the ground floor.

King Lam Street Comercial Development King Lam Street Comercial Development 

King Lam Street Comercial Development The expansive outdoor plaza is adorned with a continuous green landscape

The grid podium is placed beside the busy streets. Its design seems to blend with its surroundings while also offering a peaceful space in the heart of the busy city. The feature cascading landscape of steps is placed at its center. They connect each level of the podium to create a beautiful landscape containing stairs, seats, and planters. Through this upside-down shape, the podium blends harmoniously with the natural greenery and urban landscape.

King Lam Street Commercial Development The upside-down podium becomes an attractive element 

Not to be left out, the interior beneath the upside-down grid podium has been carefully designed for a flexible auditorium space to organize various events. To add more enhancement, the upper and lower auditorium can be used individually or combined to accommodate larger gatherings or events. Once this project is completed, this thoughtfully designed space will become an attractive architectural work that can’t be left out of the must-visit place. 

King Lam Street Comercial Development 

Inside the upside-down podium 

King Lam Street Commercial Development

King Lam Street Commercial Development 

King Lam Street Section

King Lam Street Section  

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