TOA Supershield Duraclean A+: Environmentally and Asthma Suffer Friend
January 24, 2024

TOA Paint is a paint company from Thailand that continues to grow and innovate to improve the quality of life for Indonesian families. One of the most popular products is TOA Supershield Duraclean A+. This interior paint product has many features in it, such as Air Detoxify Technology, Extra Low Odor, 100% Free APEO, and Microban.

TOA Supershield

Features in TOA Supershield Duraclean A+

Air Detoxify Technology is one of the superior features of TOA Supershield Duraclean A+ can keep the air clean and the room healthy. This technology works by actively converting the dangerous gas formaldehyde (which comes from plywood, carpet, furniture, and foam insulation) into water vapor for 24 hours to create higher air quality. Therefore, users can comfortably move around in the room without worrying about exposure to pollutants.

air detoxify TOA paint

Through strict testing, this innovation has resulted in the TOA Supershield Duraclean A+ being certified A+ by French emission regulation standards. In addition, the National Asthma Council Australia also gave a "Sensitive Choice" certificate for this paint because it is considered safe for people with asthma and allergies.

In addition to being safe for people with asthma and allergies, this interior paint has a very-low emission footprint and is odorless. Thus, the paint application for rooms can reduce the risk of irritation and other negative effects from chemical compounds that have the potential to harm the user's health.

TOA Paint

TOA Supershield Duraclean A+ also presents Microban as an antibacterial that can protect room walls from contamination by microorganisms. With this protection, the users can ensure that the room walls are healthier, and safe for children, and can be applied in places with considered sanitation, such as hospitals, hotels, or shopping centers.

As an interior paint with sustainable innovation, TOA Supershield Duraclean A+ is formulated from environmentally friendly materials. So this product does not contain lead, mercury, and chromium which are harmful to humans.

TOA Supershield

TOA Supershield Duraclean A+ durability and maintenance

The technology given in this product makes it possible to create beauty because of the various color choices, while can provide the paint layer strength for a long time. Laboratory test results show that TOA Supershield Duraclean A+ interior paint can be cleaned up to 200.000 times of rubbing. Thus, stubborn dirt stains like soy sauce, coffee, markers, or oil can be cleaned easily without damaging the paint layer.

TOA Supershield Duraclean

The features and technology in the TOA Supershield Duraclean A+ are the perfect combination to improve the quality of life for families while playing a role in preserving the environment.

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