COLORBOND: Enhancing Indonesian Architectural Beauty
January 25, 2024
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The Indonesian government has placed a paramount focus on development, particularly in architecture and infrastructure, striving for excellence and global competitiveness. Infrastructure projects, ranging from bridges and sports stadiums to highways, have become the epicenter of concentrated efforts to provide a solid foundation for quality public infrastructure.

The significance of infrastructure development and public facilities must be recognized as regulations and construction standards continuously evolve and advance. The growing emphasis on materials that are robust and possess high aesthetic value is becoming more pronounced.

Steel, specifically COLORBOND, has emerged as the primary choice for building materials especially for the roof and facade due to its strength. COLORBOND stands out as a leading brand, celebrated for its durability and ability to enhance the visual appeal of infrastructure and architecture throughout Indonesia. Here are some inspirations for iconic building projects in Indonesia that use COLORBOND-coated steel material. 

1. Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) in BSD City


Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) in BSD City 

Acknowledged as Indonesia's largest and most versatile venue, ICE BSD City showcases a futuristic design and underscores a strategic application of modern technology and building materials. The use of COLORBOND steel in Gull Grey's roof contributes an exclusive visual allure, creating a bright ambiance on its facade. 

2. Indonesia Arena Stadium (IMS) GBK

Indonesia Arena Stadium (IMS) GBK

Indonesia Arena Stadium (IMS) GBK 

Carrying a modern and environmentally friendly concept, GBK Indonesia Arena (IMS) stadium presents an exclusive look using COLORBOND Gull Grey. Using COLORBOND Gull Grey coated steel material has created energy efficiency of up to 34.7%, making this stadium an environmentally friendly and sustainable building.

3. Jakarta International Stadium

Jakarta International Stadium

Jakarta International Stadium

As the largest stadium in Asia, Jakarta International Stadium opted for COLORBOND steel for its roof, showcasing its reliability in confronting varying weather conditions. Equipped with a sophisticated rack and pinion system, this COLORBOND roofing steel provides durability and flexibility for this stadium. 

Beyond iconic structures, COLORBOND has become the preferred choice for homes in Indonesia, striking a harmonious balance between contemporary aesthetics and tropical architecture. Trinity House, adorned with COLORBOND Gull Grey from roof to wall, emanates a clean, understated gray ambiance. Its visual allure is further enhanced by COLORBOND technology, which can create a cooler indoor environment. 

Trinity House Trinity House 

Aligned with Trinity House, Kinala Residence utilizes COLORBOND Gull Grey as its primary roofing material to shield the structure from corrosion and damage. This roofing material's seamless fusion of aesthetics and practicality positions Kinala Residence as an exemplary showcase of COLORBOND product excellence.

Kinala ResidenceKinala Residence 

From grand architectural wonders to modern residences in Indonesia, COLORBOND has undeniably proven itself the quintessential choice for perfecting buildings. Its reliability, aesthetic appeal, and innovative characteristics make it pivotal in crafting superior, sustainable, and visually captivating architecture and infrastructure across Indonesia.

This material meets functional necessities and introduces a heightened aesthetic value. With its enduring strength and adaptability, COLORBOND stands at the forefront of innovation in the building materials industry, making it a judicious choice for crafting enduring and visually stunning roof and facade materials for the long term.

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